Commissioning a work can be a fraught and frustrating undertaking for both client and artist. After all, it is impossible to accurately translate the image from your head into mine!


I have produced quite a number of successful commissions in the past, and I’m very happy to do so in the future, based on the agreement that the commission would constitute a work ‘in series’ from an existing work of mine.


These are works that have been commissioned from existing pieces that clients had seen in my shows, but had already been sold. You can see examples in the Previous Commissions page. I have shown the original piece beside each. As you can see, they are clearly from the same image, but are not identical, so they remain unique to my clients. They are marked with a follow-on number so that the original is clear.


If you’d like to discuss a possible commission, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Please email me on